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Setting up your online accounts

The first step is setting up your online financial systems. Because the system we have designed is intended to be totally online and automated, cash flow and payments must be handled quickly and with confidence. Since the programs we feature need PayPal or StormPay ID#s to forward payments, you need to get accounts at both. The first step towards success with the SoHoNW System is getting set up to pay and accept payments online. We recommend PayPal as your primary payment system.

 Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.
Click here to sign up with PayPal

Some of our affiliate programs only accept StormPay, so you need to get set up with them as well.

Click here to sign up with StormPay

Key Sign Up Benefits

  • The ability to instantly pay and accept payments online. This is the most critical step to take to ensure acceptance into many affiliate and marketing programs.
  • We are totally confident in the PayPal and StormPay systems as far as trust and security of information and accuracy of all transactions.
  • A wide range of e-commerce sites like E-Bay, Amazon and many others also accept the PayPal and StormPay systems for online payments
  • Allows you to set up your own sales pages and online store to market your own products 24 hours a day and get paid securely and quickly.


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