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Finding Qualified Leads

Leads are the lifeblood of your online business. Acquiring the best leads, the highly qualified leads is the single most important part of growing your downline. Consider all the ways you can generate good leads. There are so many resources claiming to provide hot leads that it might take a person months to sift through all the providers for the truly useful lead sources.

fortunately we have found several really strong programs that will not only generate hundreds of thousands of excellent leads a month, but will put you into many different affiliate programs that will generate additional income as you grow your business.

When you subscribe to the Epowerism Program you will receive 50 opt-in high quality leads per month. Empowerism deposits those leads into the iSend Auto Responder. You can choose to use the non-editable 15 letter iSend marketing campaign to promote your programs with a four line footer or you can transfer those leads to the Aweber Auto Responder and build a custom letter campaign for precise targeting of your programs. We recommend the Aweber solution because of the ability to support unlimited responders and campaigns.


This program promotes all your affiliate links through a highly trafficked blog that gives you tremendous leverage and your own unique sign up page. By signing up with this program you can generate lots of hits that translate into sign-ups for your programs. Try it and you will like it. CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP


The List Machine

The List Machine is Superior to Other Lead Sources by Building Two Opt-in Lists for You - Instead of Just the Standard One List. Join Now For Free and Email Your Own List Week After Week. A well designed program that will build benefits over time. Highly recommended for high quality lead generation.



One of the massive lead generating programs is the C.H.I.P. promotion series from "Secrets of the Big Dogs".



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