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Traffic Swarm online business traffic generator and affiliate program

RSVP leads program to double your money invested in building an online business and home business opportunity

Instant Guru mentoring and home business advice for independent network business people

The List Machine lead generation and mailing list building technology

Management is nothing more than motivating other people.
Lee Iacocca (1924 - )

Your Website, Prospect and Down Line Management Tools

This is the meat and potatoes of your business. Keeping track of all your leads, hot prospects, personally sponsored members of your down line and tracking your advertising and marketing effectiveness will pay huge dividends over time. 

We are working on a comprehensive flow chart illustrating the inter-connections of all the programs to clarify the process and should have it up soon.

In the meantime, understand that the basic process is to utilize the multiple lead generators to fill your selected auto responders with hot prospects which are then sent a series of program specific e-mails outlining the benefits of the target programs and guiding them to an understanding of the power of the chosen programs. You will use personal e-mail and phone contact to answer any questions that might arise as well as to encourage new members to get organized.

There are at least 25 separate affiliate programs in the SoHoNW System that can be marketed with as many as 12 sales pages from each one. Each affiliate program has a series of custom tailored messages that can be assigned to the sales pages as the need arises. Each affiliate sales page can be tagged with an identifier to track your marketing effectiveness and allow you to tune each message for maximum impact.

Key Benefits of the SoHoNW System

  • Starts with multiple, recurring revenue streams and can build to many more with time.
  • A comprehensive management process to keep everything flowing with the minimum amount of labor.
  • A marketing plan that provides flexibility and quick response to market conditions.


International Association of Home Business Entrepreneurs

We highly recommend that you join the International Association of Home Business Entrepreneurs (IAHBE) for access to incredibly useful tools for managing your online businesses.


You Need Your Own Website and Domain

To maximize your marketing efforts you must get your website listed on the search engines. Unfortunately most of the search engines block the listing of pages that are auto generated by the affiliate programs you have signed up for. If you can't get your pages listed you will get very little traffic from the search engines and will have rely on want ad submissions, e-mail programs and posting in forums and newsgroups.

Sooner or later everyone realizes that they must have their own domain name and web site. However, who you get to host that domain makes all the difference in the world. Most hosts simply provide you with space and that's that. You're on your own when it comes to making your new site profitable. has changed all that. We turn a necessity into a profit machine. If you have to have a host anyway, why not choose one that pays you back? That's the basis of our offer. If we help you make your site profitable, there is a good chance you will stay with us forever.

We have designed this offer so that someone in our own family could sign up and begin making money immediately. We provide you with Money-Making Plug-In Sites. We provide you with a forum of over 30,000 members where you can get help, make deals and create partnerships that will explode your business.

Check out the features that come with our hosting plan and compare it to others. There is no hosting company on the Internet that can match what we do or give what we give to make your new site profitable from the start.

Advanced tools for webmasters and online marketers who want to set up their own affiliate programs and create marketing sites that are fully featured. offers a variety of cgi scripts and services that can help you run and promote your online business. Feel free to peruse the site and learn more about what can do for your website. Be sure to check out Ultimate Affiliate - a fully featured affiliate program that will help drive traffic to your website. The Membership Manager is a complete password site administration script. Also, you can create UNLIMITED free e-book covers here as well. The site is updated often so please check back!



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