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Quick Bucks

Randomizers are self running programs that you join to generate random cash payments into your account from a sales page that the company promotes widely. I am trying a few to see what happens and will keep you up to date on the results. If you want to give it a try here are the ones I am subscribed to.


Money Making Randomizer with three levels of payment

Pay-A-Pal Storm-Machine

New Twist on Payment Randomizers

Three Reasons to join this Randomizer over any others!

1) Low cost to start up an grows in value over time.

2) You get 10 rotations just for joining. Other sites only give you one!

3) Here's the twist. When the Storm Machine hits 50 members $3 payments turn into $6 payments. The Randomizer will continue to double it's membership price and payouts every 50 members For Life.. So Join Early! Proof that you really can make money with a randomizer!


Dollar Buddy automatic money payments from multiple rotations

Dollar Buddy

This one looks like fun, and it only costs $2.00 to join. And, as a bonus, you get access to a large library of popular PDF eBooks with resale rights related to net marketing. Such a Deal!


Safe List Randomizer makes easy money payments quickly

Safe-Lists Randomizer

Earn Payments Without Advertising!

Nothing ventured, Nothing Gained...  Only $20.00 to join and accepts Paypal and StormPay. The Platinum Lists of Safe Lists is included after signing up. Plus multiple lists of advertising resources makes it worth it alone. This randomizer has a great administrator and has provided a quick return. I recommend it highly for those wanting a no maintenance program for generating small payments.


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