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The Joy of Auto Responders

Auto responders can be incredibly effective sales tools if they are used correctly. The Empowerism program features the iSend Auto responder that has 15 pre-written e-mails for turning prospects into sales.

There are detailed instructions available for setting it up after you sign up for Empowerism and request the 50 free leads you get every month.

We are currently using the AWeber Auto responder because the advanced tools are a fit with our system. We encourage you to take a look and sign up.

The basic auto responder in the SFI program will give the free affiliate signups a quick reply and notify you in your e-mail, but you should follow them up with a personal response to introduce yourself and provide useful links to resources.

Key Benefits of Auto Responders

  • Automates the initial prospect response process.
  • Can be customized to suit each product line.
  • Can be integrated with most lead generating programs for automating the prospecting process.


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