SoHo NW is proud to announce the SoHo NW HTPC (Home Theater Personal Computer). Utilized as the heart of our Smart Home Network, the SoHo NW HTPC gives you complete control over your High Definition video and 5.1 surround audio options and provides all the functionality of a high end PC.

  More than a PC, the SoHo NW Home Theater Digital Media Center couples advanced High Definition Digital Video Technology with Windows® XP Media Center Edition and Intel® technology to turn your living room into a High Definition Digital Theater. With a built-in HDTV tuner, HD video scaler, DVD/CD player/recorder, Windows Media and MP-3 capability and connections for editing, recording, storing and viewing HD, SD and HDTV digital programming, home movies and photos throughout your home, the SoHo Home Theater Personal Digital Media Center provides fingertip control from a wireless touch screen of all your entertainment and computing choices from the comfort of your couch.

The SoHo NW Home Theater Personal Computer is a digital convergence product based upon open computer industry standards designed to perform one or more home theater audio/video functions that up until now have been performed by upgrade-challenged proprietary products.

Because it is based on the incredible advancements in the computer graphics industry, the video system on the SoHo HTPC can easily compete with high-end video scalers at a fraction of the cost. The deinterlacing and 3/2 pulldown detection functions of line-doublers can easily be performed in software and executed on a computer CPU. Computers are inherently progressive and ready to perform the tasks of a progressive DVD player. Large hard disks that store audio and video material enables software based personal video recorders and music jukeboxes as well as time shifted HDTV programming and massive video storage capability.


SoHo NW Home Theater Personal Digital Media Center High Performance PC includes Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition


Desktop, rack mount and tower configurations

High speed Intel processors

HD, SD and NTSC video in and out

Personal Video Recorder for HD and NTSC

CD and DVD recording

Raid Array Media storage up to 800 Gigabytes

Remote control of all media functions

Video scaling to 720p and 1080i resolutions at 16:9 and 4:3 screen ratios

Combine computer, video and audio components into a single powerful system.

View and record TV up to 240 hours*
SoHo NW Home Theater Personal Digital Media Center video processor technology puts all your viewing options at your fingertips. 160GB to 600GB hard drive capacity provides greater storage than most stand-alone personal video recorders.

Watch DVD movies in enhanced resolution
The built-in DVD player and powerful HD Video Scaler processor provide incredibly detailed DVD playback of your favorite movies with full 5.1 surround sound capability.

Create your own DVDs and CDs
Smart card reader and combo DVD/CD writer are great for digital home movie and photo buffs. You can even create digital slide shows of your favorite photos complete with background music.

A Complete Full Spectrum Digital Music System
Put your personal CD collection on the hard drive and play digital music through your existing stereo or home theater sound system. Or download and store MP3 files directly from the Internet.

High End PC Functionality
It is a great PC with a 2.86GHz Intel Pentium 4 Processor and 512MB to 1GB of memory. The wireless keyboard and the wireless touchscreen** lets you access, run and view computer programs from the comfort of your easy chair.

Fast, Massive Storage Capacity
160GB to 480GB hard drive storage systems gives you the freedom to store all your digital media in one centralized system. Video, audio and photos are all accessible in one place.

All the ins and outs you need
It all plugs into the
SoHo NW Home Theater Personal Digital Media Center, with connectors for advanced data communication, 3D gaming, HD video and 5.1 surround audio.

Component quality without the components
Single powerful system eliminates need for separate components while saving money.

Wireless keyboard and remote
Wireless remote control operation for viewing TV, DVDs, listening to music, viewing photos and switching between media with the touch of a button.

Broadband ready
Built-in Ethernet card allows you to connect the
SoHo Home Theater Personal Digital Media Center to your home PC network to share your broadband ISP connection.